Special Occasion Baby Bibs

special occasion bib

Baby Z is growing up quick and before I know it he’ll be 6 months old and wanting to have his first taste of food. Planning ahead I made this adorable crochet bow tie bib for him.

Little Crochet book by LInda Permann

It’s another great project from my favourite crochet book at the moment called Little Crochet by Linda Permann. Remember the crochet cape I made for my daughter from it? Even the author herself commented on how lovely it was which made me so very happy. I was even more excited when Linda wanted my permission to use the photo of my daughter in her cape on her Ravelry page!

Moda Vera Beetle yarn

In my stash had two balls of this Moda Vera Beetle yarn which was from Spotlight and pretty reasonably priced. I’ve used this yarn before for one of Linda Permann’s patterns available online called Little Sister Hat and found it really nice to crochet with. The bib only takes one ball of yarn so it’s a great little project and seeing as I already had the yarn in two different shades of pink I made a pair of them.

crochet toddler bib

Even though I don’t have a baby girl to use this pretty ruffle version of the bib I had to make it for my present stash. I can picture it made up in your Christmas colours for baby to use whilst easting their Christmas lunch. I wonder what it would look like using a different colour for the ruffle part of the bib. Might have to try that sometime.

hot pink toddler party bib

The bibs are really rewarding to make as they are so quick, easy and will make a lovely gift for someone’s new baby and is so cute that it would be great as a special bib for parties and special occasions.

Moda Vera Bamboo Cotton

For the boy’s bib I used some other Moda Vera yarn from my stash. This time I liked the idea of using this bamboo cotton yarn for a bib as bamboo is highly absorbent and wicks moisture away. Another benefit is that bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and very soft next to your baby’s skin.  Perfect for a bib!

crochet bow tie bib

I’ve also used this yarn before for my bamboo crochet washcloths.

Linda Permann pattern crochet bibs

I love the little bow tie on the boys bib almost as much as I love the ruffle on the girls version.

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