Paint Tin Birthday Cake

paint tin cake

For our daughter’s rainbow party we wanted a unique kind of rainbow cake. After looking around the net we saw nothing we liked so we tried hard to think of something new. Originally when my husband suggested a paint tin birthday cake of rainbow paint I thought it would be too hard and time consuming given the fact that I have a little baby to look after but with the party date looming and enjoying a bit of challenge I decided to give it a go.

cake designing

My husband set to work designing the paint tin label. It’s very handy having a husband who is an art director! First he made a mock up for us to see how tall and big I needed to make the cake. I already had a white chocolate mud cake in my deep freeze but it was square so I had to shape it into a cylinder using some white chocolate ganache. Using a real paintbrush as a guide I made a paintbrush template out of paper to make sure the scale was right for making the icing paintbrush.

white chocolate ganache

After layering and ganaching the cake there was not much left over. I was worried at one stage if I’d even made enough!

lovely smooth fondant cake

Here is the cake with the sides covered in rolled fondant, all smooth and waiting for the rice paper label to be applied.

icing paintbrush

Here is the red paintbrush I made and the silver part was painted with edible silver paint. The only inedible part of the cake was the handle which I borrowed from a tin of paint in our shed.

rainbow paint tin cake

The label for the paint tin cake was printed with edible ink on two A3 sheets of rice paper and trimmed to fit around the cake. Unfortunately the printer stuffed up the label a bit and the front and the back were different sizes and the blues were different colours. After a bit of trimming to fit only my critical eye would notice these imperfections. I’d love to get my own printer with edible inks so that things like this wouldn’t happen.  Who knows maybe for Christmas!! Time slipped away and we didn’t get to do a proper photo shoot of the cake which we wanted. Also I didn’t get a photo of the detail my husband did on the whole of the back label of the paint tin. Like “Specially formulated for three beautiful sisters” and “We only bottle authentic rainbows from pots of gold that we find – (obviously) at the end of rainbows”.

lolly table

So here it is set up on my ribbon cake stand on the lolly party table.  Everyone was amazed by it. I had to stop a few people touching it in curiosity as they thought it was a real paint tin. That’s the best compliment I could get! Some people actually thought that I’d emptied out a paint tin and baked a cake inside.

birthday cake

So here we are for the obligitory family photo with the birthday girls and cake. It was all so crazy I forgot to get baby for the photo too!

happy birthday cake

Candles alight and ready to blow them out and make a wish. I hope ALL their wishes come true.

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