Rainbow Birthday Party

rainbow of blythe dolls

With 3 daughters having their birthdays so close together and being so busy we decided that if we were going to be able to manage a party at all it would have to be a combined birthday party for all 3 of them together. This post is a review of all the different party ideas we used to make up our girls rainbow birthday party.

rainbow party invite


It always starts with an invitation and for this party we decided to streamline things and send a personalised email invitation using Mailchimp.

The poster above was a photo I took of all our Blythe dolls and my husband made it into a birthday poster. Originally I was making the dolls dresses and taking the photo to use as the invitation but we decided to use a picture of our girls instead.

To make my girls feel extra special I usually sew them an outfit to wear for the party.  I found this super cute rainbow patchwork dress on Spoonflower called 100 Dreams Twirly Dress. Considering I need to make three I thought this would be perfect. As it happens the largest size was too small to fit my eldest daughter so I turned her dress into a matching skirt.

rainbow photography backdrop

The beautiful painted rainbow in the photo above was painted by my husband on to his photography backdrop roll of white paper. We thought it would be a fun idea to have a bit of a photo booth where the kids could come and have their picture taken with the rainbow.

photo booth collage

The pictures were so much fun and turned out so cute. Everyone loved them and only a few didn’t want their picture taken or left too early so didn’t get a chance. The day after the party we sent each parent a picture of their kids in front of the rainbow along with a thank you message for coming and for their generous birthday gifts for our girls.


A popular element to parties these days is the lolly table. After making a rainbow tablecloth to wrap around our portable trestle table from Bunnings I set to work making the rainbow of lollies look pretty.

You may have already read here about the rainbow paint tin birthday cake that I made.

apothecary jars

Inside my two apothecary jars I put the yummiest rock candy. When I found rock candy with a rainbow outside and happy birthday message inside I knew we had to have some for our party. I also separated some m&m’s into colours and had some Twizzlers and rainbow sour straps. Of course at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold, in this case chocolate Hershey’s gold nuggets.

twirling rainbow flowers

I found some twirly rainbow coloured flowers on spikes at the $2 shop and grabbed a few to decorate the garden and outside the cubby. I also found a couple of giant sized rainbow balls which we put on our Springfree trampoline for some added fun.

rainbow umbrellas

Also from Ebay I purchased some rainbow umbrellas and hung them from the ceiling. Quite fitting really with the short but heavy downpour of rain we had for the party!

crochet rainbow rug on sofa

Being totally in theme I had to use my deep chevron rainbow crochet blanket because it was so large and it fitted beautifully over our outdoor sofa. Our labradoodle loved napping on it.

rainbow parachute games

The only real structured games we played were with the fantastic rainbow swirl parachute. I was going to make a parachute but when I realised the cost of all the different colours and the amounts fabric needed it was much cheaper to buy one.

under the rainbow parachute

All the kids big and little joined in and had some fun.

colour me a rainbow

I traced a rainbow page from one of the girls picture books and then scanned it to create a colouring in page. A colouring in station was set up with crayons, textas and pencils for the kids to come and colour a rainbow if they wanted.

rainbow coloured jelly

Layer, upon layer, upon layer I made 31 glasses of rainbow jelly. I used ice cubes in the jelly after all the crystals were dissolved to help it cool down quicker and then used a measuring syringe to have the exact same level of colour in each glass. So many yummy flavours to make up the rainbow – strawberry, creaming soda, pineapple, lemon, lime, berry blast and port wine.

gumball machines for lolly bags

The lolly bags were mini gumball machines filled with a rainbow of coloured m&m’s. Each gumball machine had a label with the invitation rainbow picture on it and their name and I tied it on with a colourful rainbow ribbon.

Wow so that’s it. It’s hard having my daughter’s birthdays so close together and so close to Christmas but I’m always glad after the parties for making the extra effort.

I hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into our rainbow party.


Invitation – Mailchimp
Rainbow Dresses – Spoonflower
Apothecary & glass jars, treat bags, glass straw dispenser – Sharnel Dollar Designs
Mini gumball machines, happy birthday rainbow rock candy – Pink Frosting
Rainbow pop tarts, Twizzlers Twists – The Professors Tasty Technology
Braces, rainbow banner, party tape decorations – The Party People
Shutter shades, rainbow umbrellas, rainbow beach balls – Ebay
Printing of our homemade posters – Officeworks

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