Santa Hat Brownies

strawberry santa hats

My eldest daughter had party day at school and needed to bring in a plate of party food to share. Remembering the cute Santa Hat Brownies from Sweet Tooth I saw on Pinterest I knew the kids would love them.

At least they were getting a bit of fruit in with their chocolate! The bottom of the hat is a brownie. I baked a slab and then with a small circle cookie cutter cut out a circle about the size of a strawberry. On Erica’s site she baked her brownies in muffin trays but I preferred to make one big slab and then use the cookie cutter approach to get the neat straight sided circles.

santa hat brownies

Then I made some white buttercream frosting and once the brownies were cooled I piped a circle of the buttercream on top. The original recipe used white chocolate but as it’s not my daughter’s favourite I decided to use buttercream icing instead. Next step is to cut the top off your strawberry so that it is flat and then place the flat side down on top of your buttercream. Then snip a tiny bit of the bottom of the strawberry (now the top of your hat) and pipe a pom pom like ball of buttercream on top to make them look like Santa hats.

Simple, stunning and scrumptious! Make them for your next “bring a plate” Christmas event. They will go down a treat!

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