Chocolate Easter Nests

Chocolate Easter Nests

Mmmmm little speckled Easter eggs. I loved making these little chocolate Easter nests.

ingredients for easter nests

All you need is a few simple ingredients which you probably even have in your pantry. Some chocolate buttons to melt, shredded coconut and/or fried noodles and some speckled chocolate easter eggs (found mine at Big W).

easter masking tape for decorating

I had some cute easter masking tape (bit thicker than washi tape) which I found at a cute Japanese stationery store.

decorated easter trays

This was used to decorate some yellow cardboard trays to help transport the easter treats to the kids. I also used some torn strips of yellow fabric at the bottom to pad them out.

easter chocolate coconut nests

So simple quick and easy to make with the kids. Basically you melt some chocolate buttons in a bowl in the microwave and then stir in a bit of the coconut. I used a miniature cupcake tray to make uniform nests by scooping a spoonful into each of the moulds and manipulating it until it looked like a little birds nest with room to put three eggs in the centre.

homemade easter gifts

I did two different types of nests this time. One with coconut and then another with the fried noodles (I used Chang’s Original Fried Noodles). The chocolate noodle nests looked really good as the noodles are a good size to look just like little twigs. Need to add a few extra eggs or maybe a couple of mini gold Lindt bunnies to the gifts to fill them out some more I think.

Happy Easter!

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