Giant Cupcake Cake

big cupcake cake

I needed to practice baking in my new oven and here are the results. I haven’t tried any cupcakes yet but instead I baked a giant cupcake cake using the trusty Planet Cake white chocolate mud recipe.

giant cupcake pan

I used this shaped pan which saves a lot of time carving and shaping your cake. Some people might call this the cheats way but for a busy mum with 4 kids under 7 it’s perfect!

rolled fondant sprinkles

It’s lots of fun making the large sprinkles out of rolled fondant and my new caesar stone benchtop is a dream to roll out fondant on (much better than my old laminate one!).

I also love having all my cake decorating equipment together in one easy to access spot. At our old house it was such a chore to pull everything out of the bottom of the hallway cupboard just to find the one little utensil I needed without waking up the kids if they were sleeping. Now its so much easier to find what I need and to keep it all tidy.

Giant cupcake cake

A giant cupcake is the perfect size birthday cake for a small gathering of people but it still looks impressive. Now just to write a birthday message. I hope my friend likes her surprise.

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