Washi Tape Decorating Idea

girls pink bedroom ideas

When my youngest daughters came to the open inspection of our new house they loved the “pink” room and haven’t stopped talking about it being her pink room someday.  Now we are here and I have been trying to pink-ify their room.

decorating kids rooms

Miss 3 & 5 share a room but now their older sister has her own. When I was cleaning up one day I had an idea for decorating their bedroom door. Many of the doors in our new house have these four square panels inset in them.

washi tape collection

Having a lovely supply of washi tape I trimmed some down so that i could stick it inside the inset squares. The great thing about using washi tape here is that it doesn’t have to be forever. If they want to change their room colours or accent the pink with something else it’s easy enough to take the washi tape off and replace it with another colour.

Washi tape for decorating

Do you have these doors at your home? Have you used washi tape somewhere unexpected?

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