Owl Pillow

Owl Pillow This is my take on the crochet owl pillow from one of my favourite books “Little Crochet” by Linda Permann. I have shown you a few projects from this book before (here and here), yes this book has had quite a workout! Noro yarn purple green turquoise colourway I started making the crochet owl pillow before I moved house (3 months ago now!) but for some reason or another it kept being put aside again and again. In the end I just wanted to finish it so that I didn’t feel bad starting something new. Noro yarn crochet I decided to use some beautiful Noro yarn I had in my stash (really loving Noro yarn at the moment). The colour ways are so gorgeous and I thought these colours would be great for a toy for the boy to keep in his room. In Linda’s pattern she doesn’t use a variegated yarn but a few blocks of colours. Using different yarn I did have to alter the pattern a bit and make it smaller. Probably the main reason this project took me so long was that I realised it was too big and would need more than the 3 balls of Noro I had already so I unravelled it all and started again. owl cushion crochet present I put the stuffing inside the top of an old pair of stockings so that you couldn’t see the white through the crochet stitches. owl pillow In the end it is quite different to the owl pillow in the book but that is what makes craft cool – adding your take on projects to make them original and your own.

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