My New Schacht Spinning Wheel

My New Schacht Spinning Wheel

My 40th birthday present finally arrived. As promised it was worth the 3 month wait. Here is my new Schacht Sidekick Spinning wheel. The new craft I’m learning is spinning my own yarn and I’m very excited about it.

Drive Wheel on Spinning Wheel

The drive wheel is a different orientation to many spinning wheels, with it turned 90 degrees it looks very much like a bicycle wheel. I love the teal colour of the nylon wheel as well. With this set up it is easy to pack up and take with you by folding the treadles to the centre. It weighs under 6 kgs so once you clip on the shoulder strap your ready to spin some wool wherever you please.

spinning wheel flyer and bobbin

The designer Barry Schacht previously designed bike components so there are a few elements that are similar to bikes, like the quick release levers you can see in this picture of the flyer and bobbin.

New Schact Spinning Wheel

It’s a beautiful wheel to spin with as the long treadles make it easy on the ankles and it’s also a very stable wheel.

It makes a beautiful piece of furniture compared to some of the bulky old fashioned spinning wheels you see in fairytales.

first bobbin of spun rovings

Here is my very first bobbin of yarn. I used some beautiful wool roving purchased from my favourite online spinning shop SpunOut. It’s not the most even of wool but pretty good for my first attempt at spinning a continuous yarn.

It’s been a big learning curve but it’s a very satisfying hobby. Hopefully over this long weekend I’ll be able to spend some time spinning although we are babysitting 2 extra kids for the whole long weekend. The more the merrier I say!

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