Noro Yarn Big Blanket

Noro Yarn Big Blanket

I’ve just finished another big project, the “Big Blanket” pattern from Jane Ellison’s Noro #9 (Noro for Kids) pattern book.

Noro Furisode colour 2

Using one of my favourite brands of wool Noro with their yarn called Furisode I used 4 balls of colour #2 (fuchsia, turquoise, pumpkin and brown) for my big blankie. It’s a lovely cuddly soft, chunky and warm yarn with 45% silk, 40% cotton and 15% wool.

After starting to knit with the skein (which is when the yarn is wound in a loose long coil) I found myself wasting a lot of time undoing the knots that were forming whilst I was knitting. Luckily I was not disheartened and found a ball winder on sale at Spotlight for $20. Definitely money well spent and after winding the other 3 skeins into balls it was much easier to work with and didn’t knot up at all.

Noro yarn knitting

After that it started to knit up a lot faster and once I knew the pattern off by heart I could pick it up at any time. Quite a bit of it was knitted whilst travelling in the car to and from Sydney with my husband and it kept my lap nice and warm whilst doing so.

knitted pram blanket pattern

Baby used it for his daytime nap yesterday and it kept him nice and snuggly on a wet and windy day.

home knitted blanket

It is a lovely size for a pram blanket as it covers baby’s feet by hanging over the end nicely. Straight after I finished sewing in the ends the other night my husband used it to keep him warm on the sofa whilst watching a movie. That made me feel very proud.

cuddly big blanket knitted pattern

You can see here in a close up picture the checker box kind of pattern made by the alternating blocks of knit and purl stitches.

Love it! Another big project finished that I have been working on in the background between party planning and smaller projects. Wow I’m really on a roll getting through my UFO list.

What to start or finish next??….. hmmmm


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