Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

Eric Carle style name sign

For our adorable son’s 1st birthday party we decided to celebrate by giving him a Very Hungry Caterpillar party.

Using our son’s name in the Eric Carle style (as per the invitation here) my husband printed the letters in large format and cut them out individually after sticking them to some foam core for stability. We blu-tacked them up on the wall outside above the party dessert table (more about that later).

very hungry caterpillar crochet hat

Here is our little caterpillar with my husband. We made each of our four children a “Zenon’s 1st Birthday” tshirt to wear to the party. These were made with celcast tshirt printable sheets that were purchased from Lindcraft and ironed on to matching green tshirts I bought for under $4 at Big W.

I also crocheted him a little very hungry caterpillar hat (pattern available here) but ran out of time to finish both the antennae.

very hungry caterpillar tissue paper pom poms

To decorate the entrance I made some different coloured green pom poms and one red pom pom with tissue paper to make a caterpillar type trail up the bannister of our stairs. Instructions on how to make these were from Martha Stewart’s book “Encyclopedia of Crafts”.

hungry caterpillar quilt

The quilt I made recently was also hung over the upstairs balcony so guests saw it as they walked in.

very hungry caterpillar party balloons

It isn’t a party without balloons and I managed to find themed very hungry caterpillar balloons from this party shop in Australia. I made an iPhoto album full of photos from his 1st year of life and played them on rotation on our plasma TV for the whole party. Lots of beautiful memories on display here.

Hungry Caterpillar Food Table

Set up on the dining table was the party food and lots of the food from the much loved book. Each food display had a sign we made sitting in front of it naming the food from the Very Hungry Caterpillar book.

salami, pickle and one slice of swiss cheese

Here’s a picture of the salami, pickles and swiss cheese. I had quite a bit of salami left over and my daughters have been having salami sandwiches all week!

watermelon caterpillar party food

The Watermelon went quickly and Zenon loved it too. Lovely for teething babies to munch on.

eric carle hungry caterpillar stickers and banner

The “happy birthday” banner and themed plates and bowls were also from the Party Kids shop online. I found some themed stickers on ebay and stuck them to the glass doors leading out to the sweets table and on the windows in the dining room. Not only did they look cute but they made it a bit safer for the kids to notice the glass so that they didn’t run into it.

very hungry caterpillar colouring in

There was a table set up with colouring in and a stack of pencils for them to use (find your own copy here).

pony rides for caterpillars and butterflys

Not totally in theme but when I realise there were 40 kids to entertain I organised a large jumping castle. A lovely new local friend also offered to bring their pony to the party for the kids to ride! His name is Chocolate and did you notice he is poking his tongue out in this pic!

1st birthday party dessert table

Loving the latest trend of having a sweets or dessert table totally themed up for parties. I jumped at the chance to do my own one properly this time. I did attempt it at the rainbow party last year but without a nice blank wall as a backdrop it was nowhere near as good as this one.

I made a new fitting white cotton tablecloth to cover our Bunning’s trestle table and then found another piece of fabric in my stash with a large hungry caterpillar and sun and decided to hand stitch it to the front of the tablecloth so that I could easily remove it later. Zenon’s silver “Z”, a jack in a box caterpillar and of course the Eric Carle book were also on display at the dessert table.

very hungry caterpillar fondant cake

In the centre of the sweets table was the very hungry caterpillar fondant cake that I made (you can see more pictures of that here) sitting on his very own big leaf.

My eldest daughter helped make some pom pom caterpillars to have sitting on the table and I covered some square pieces of styrofoam in green fabric and very hungry caterpillar fabric to add different levels to the display table.

cutting the giant very hungry caterpillar cake

When it came time to cut the cake it had to be from the back so his head was preserved for as long as possible.

very hungry caterpillar cookies

Claire, a sweet friend of mine, offered to make me some caterpillar cookies so of course I said yes. Aren’t they the cutest? Hard to see but they had green glitter on them. The kids loved them and they didn’t last long at all.

I set to work finding coloured lollies and treats to fill my apothecary jars. Green jelly beans and green smarties were from Pink Frosting and I found some sherbet and marshmallow iceream cones from The Professors’ Tasty Technology.

cutting the hungry caterpillar party cake

Here is our little caterpillar cutting his cake. Not a very hungry caterpillar anymore but a very tired one.

Still hungry caterpillar lolly jars

When everyone left the party they took home one of these little tin jars with a see through lid that I sourced from ebay. They were filled with caterpillar type lollies (fruit, chocolate cocoons) and a badge with one of the pictures from the book. My husband designed and made labels for me to stick around the tin which said “Still hungry?”.

1st birthday party pics

It wouldn’t have been possible without my fantastic husband. It really is a team effort and although I like to try and get as much done as early as possible for parties he kind of works best with the stress of last minute pressure!

Phew after a few days tidying up and now sick kids at home instead of at school I’m exhausted but it was definitely worth it. His 1st birthday party was a lovely way to celebrate our little miracle after three daughters….. our baby boy Zenon.

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