Very Hungry Caterpillar Party Invitations

Very Hungry Caterpillar Invitation

This is how it all started. With the help of my wonderful creative team (i.e. my husband) this invitation was created for our son’s 1st birthday to invite our friends to his Very Hungry Caterpillar Party. In the Eric Carle style Paul created our sons name in similar colourful block letters and cut out two caterpillar bite holes to form the “e” and “o”.

Caterpillar Party Invitation

We made it as a postcard and as we traditionally do before we send it out we test Australia Post and send one to ourselves to make sure it will reach our friends in a suitable state. Using Eric Carle’s story as a basis we worded the invitation to invite people to Zenon’s Cocoon to share in all the food from the much loved story.

Zenon’s friends were all very excited to get his very hungry caterpillar party invitations and there were even whisperings that it was the best invitation yet!

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