5 Top Tips For Taking Up Jeans

taking up jeans

There has not been much exciting sewing going on around here lately but there has been a lot of mending clothes and lots of taking up jean hems. I thought I’d share my 5 tips for taking up jeans hems with you. Goodness knows I’d rather be sewing something a bit more creative than doing the boring task of taking up jeans and pants. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way too but if you follow my 5 tips it will make the whole process a lot quicker and therefore more enjoyable.

Gutermann topthread

Tip #1

Make sure you have the right thread. I always use Gutermann top thread which is 100% polyester and thicker than standard sewing cotton. There are a few different colours available so choose the one closest to the top thread already on the pair of jeans your hemming.

schmetz jeans needles

Tip #2

Use a fresh needle to make sure that it’s nice and sharp for piercing through all the layers of denim and when sewing jeans or denim make sure you use a jeans needle. I always use Schmetz needles.

threading top thread through your sewing machine

Tip #3

One frustrating part of using thicker cotton in your sewing machine is threading it through the needle. The easy way to do this is to cut a small piece of normal cotton about 8cms long. Loop this normal cotton through the eye of the needle (i.e. insert both ends but do not pull all the way through) and then put your thicker top thread through the loop and then holding both sides of the thread pull the finer cotton loop through the needle which will also bring the top thread through the eye of the needle.

taking up jeans hem

Tip #4

Cut off some of the bulk. Considering the needle has to go through 7 layers at the seams I always trim away some of the bulk. When you are folding the hem under twice the seams will be enclosed in the hemline sewing so it will not fray. Using sharp scissors (an important key to all sewing) trim away a triangle of the denim on both the inside leg and outer leg seams.

pfaff quilt expresssion 4.0 hand wheel

Tip #5

Take your time! Don’t rush it and try to speed over those still bulky seams. Go slowly by winding through them using the hand wheel on your sewing machine rather than your foot pedal. Trust me it will be a lot faster than having to change your needle because it snapped in half!

Go on motivate yourself to take up those pants for your partner that you’ve been putting off to do more exciting crafting. It’s Father’s Day here in Australia on Sunday and taking up my husbands jeans is my gift to him for being a fantastic father.

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