Doggy Cupcakes

apricot labradoodle

It is our beautiful Labradoodles birthday today and she’s turning 9.

We always do something special for her birthday (like this celebration last year) but I’m afraid I’ve had sick kidlets at home all week and now Baby Z has come down with the dreaded illness too. So with all the extra washing I’ve had to do there was not much time for doggy cake making.

doggy cupcakes

I did managed to bake a dozen cupcakes last night and then decided to try and turn a cupcake into a little doggy friend.  The perfect guide and pictures were in Debbie Brown’s book Easy Party Cakes.

fondant covered doggy cupcake

Basically the puppy body is made up of a cupcake covered in buttercream and then rolled fondant. You can use cake in the head also but to be quicker I just used fondant and then modelled some legs, a tail and facial features and then stuck them on using a fine paintbrush dipped in water.

Easy party cakes doggy

It is a chocolate cake so Tsubi can’t eat it but the girls will enjoy singing Happy Birthday to her and munching on a cupcake each while she gets some liver treats.

doggy birthday cake

Happy Birthday Tsubi. You are such a loyal and loving member of our family.


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