Craftsy Lacy Keyhole Scarf

Craftsy Lacy Keyhole Scarf

I’ve been practising knitting continental style (to become faster see previous post on World’s fastest knitter) by making this Craftsy lacy keyhole scarf. I learnt the english way of knitting from my mum many many years ago. Without my mum nearby to pass on her wealth of knitting knowledge I decided to take an online course which covered everything from scratch pretty much. Taking advantage of their 1/2 price sale recently I bought the Craftsy course Knit Lab by Stefanie Japel. Stefanie is such a good teacher and I love her knitting enthusiasm, it’s really quite contagious. The way the video is shot is very clear and you really feel like you’re right there with a knitting teacher in the room with you.

Noro Shirakaba Colour 15

I had some beautiful Noro Shirakaba wool which I was lucky enough to pick up from the lovely shop in Sydney Morris and Sons. For my birthday (yes back in March) I was kindly sent a voucher and used it towards a couple of balls of this Noro wool.

Learn how to knit a lacy scarf

I do love Noro wool (as you might remember from this big blanket, this owl pillow and this crochet cape) and this one has a beautiful shine because of the 42% silk and knits beautifully with the rest of the contents being 40% cotton and 18% wool. It is a stunningly vibrant fushia pink colour (colour number 15 which they call wine).

craftsy online knitting courses

The scarf is knitted in two pieces and joined at the back. I watched the videos first and then sat down with the printed pattern and knitted it up in no time at all. The course was like a refresher for me and helped me understand more about blocking your knitting afterwards and I had never done button holes or a large keyhole before. There are a few other projects with the course but I just loved the design of this scarf and really wanted to see what the Craftsy courses were like and learn a bit more of the knitting lingo by “virtually” hanging out with knitters.

Noro lacy keyhole scarf

Craftsy have a lot of other courses available too like cake decorating, crocheting, quilting to name a few. Some of them are free to check out and they often have sales on if you keep an eye out.

Have you ever done any courses to improve your knowledge of a craft?

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