Little Red Riding Hood Party Invitations

Little Red Riding Hood Party Invitations

Preparations are underway for our upcoming Little Red Riding Hood party very soon and  after having a little location photoshoot we printed posters with this image of Giselle our soon to be 6 year old all dressed up as little red riding hood.

Don’t you just love the font used on our little red riding hood invitation? It’s called “things we said”. We had the party details quite small at the bottom (not shown in this picture) so it didn’t spoil the “poster” look to the invitation. Quite a few people have told us they have put their little red riding hood party invitations up on the wall.

Red Riding Hood Invitation Ideas

We tied some red satin ribbon around the rolled up party invitation posters and posted them off in postal tubes.

Red Riding Hood Makeup

Keeping missy happy and making her feel special was all part of the photo shoot. We had a little makeup session to give her some rosy cheeks and glossy lips and to help get her in character. Plus lighting can really wash you out so a bit of makeup was necessary. She loved this part!

Red Riding Hood Location Shoot

With our other 3 other children with us on our location shoot as well it was no easy task keeping them all happy, occupied and out of frame. We gave them all jobs to do to help out but they just wanted to eat all the apples from little red riding hoods basket!

All Red to go

It took quite a while to set up the shot and then lots of pictures to get the right one where Giselle had the right expression, the cape looked good, lighting was right and you could see all the apples in her basket but I think we got the perfect shot in the end.

I’ll tell you about the red riding hood cape I crocheted for our little red next time as it’s back to the sewing machine for me.

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