Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty birthday cake

Here is the Hello Kitty birthday cake I made from the Hello Kitty themed party we held last weekend. With a red riding hood party only 2 weeks before I had to keep the design fairly simple. I did have dreams of making a 3D sitting Hello Kitty but a 2D cake design still looked great and wasn’t that time consuming or hard to do.

Hello Kitty Party

Wilton have a Hello Kitty face shaped pan which I picked up on Ebay for a song. This cut a lot of time shaping and smoothing her head. I made a template from the pan so that I could mark out exactly where to put her eyes, nose and whiskers. That is the key to a cute looking Hello Kitty, if her eyes aren’t in the right spot she just doesn’t look right.

I did adjust the design slightly. The pan already has the shape of the bow on Hello Kitty’s head but I wanted to put the bow on top so I trimmed off that part of the cake so that the right ear looked just like the left one.

Hello Kitty's head cake

I placed the 2D Hello Kitty cake on a heart shaped cake board that I had in my my cake supplies cupboard (yes since I’ve moved house I have the best cupboard with all my cake needs together and easily accessible. Love it!).

Keeping in our party colour theme of pink, black and white I made the background a bright pink. A really nice finishing touch a friend told me about is to glue a thin ribbon around the edge of the cake board. It really does make everything neat and now I really have to make sure it’s something I do with every cake I make. Luckily I had the perfect black and white stripe ribbon in my stash to use for this cake.

Hello Kitty Cake

4 candles for our 4 year old and cut out white letters with her birthday message also finished off the cake. Inside was a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and then the rolled fondant on top. My daughter specifically asked for her cake to be chocolate so I used my trusty Planet Cake mud cake recipe from their first cookbook.

The design of the cake went well with the lolly bags as they were also just Hello Kitty’s famous face.

Do you like Hello Kitty?

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