Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Cake

little red riding hood birthday cake

Here is my latest cake creation. A little red riding hood birthday cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday. After searching the net and Pinterest for lots of different cakes I decided to go with one from a book I already owned called Fairytale Cakes by Noga Hitron.

little red riding hood cake decorations

The cake I made inside was a madiera cake. I was planning on making a red velvet cake but when I tested the recipe for my Dad’s birthday last month my daughter decided she didn’t like the flavour. Bit of a bummer as everyone else in the family liked it and it would have looked great being all red inside for a red riding hood birthday cake but it was her birthday so she got to choose.

red riding hood fondant wolf

Modelling the fondant into the wolf, trees and little red riding hood took some time to do and quite a few support sticks and toothpicks were needed to hold them up in place.

red riding hood party table

Here is a picture of the dessert table I created for the party. It came together really well with all the lollies and sweets. There were red riding hood decorated cookies, red jelly beans, twizzlers, maltesers, strawberries and cream, meringues and a big basket of fresh apples. I’ll tell you more about the other elements on the table in another blog post later in the week.

red riding hood party cake

Giselle loved her party and adored her cake which is the main thing. She was old enough this year to really enjoy being the centre of attention and loved having a party all to herself and not sharing a party with her sisters. She’s settled in so well with our move and doing really well at Kindergarten. We couldn’t be prouder of her.

little red riding hood dessert table

I had hoped to have beautiful pictures of this table outside in our “woods” but alas after no rain for months it was raining on her party day. All was well in the end after some quick thinking but I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed with the weather. There was a lot more to tidy up becuase of it as the kids were running in and out of the rain and we couldn’t play all the games I had planned. Never mind though, as I said Giselle was so happy with her party and that is all that matters.

Let’s just hope if our eldest daughter has the pool party she is hoping for that it doesn’t rain for that!

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