Little Red Riding Hood Crochet Cape

little red riding hood crochet cape

In my last post I shared with you the invitation for our upcoming Little Red Riding Hood themed party. If you’re going to be red riding hood at your party you have to have the best cape so after the success of my Blythe doll red riding hood cape  I had to make another one for Giselle to wear to her party.

Moda Vera Gelato yarn

To make it nice and soft and not too hot to wear all day at her party I used this Moda Vera Gelato yarn which I bought from Spotlight and is 50% acrylic and 50% cotton. It gave a lovely stitch definition to the chevrons and wasn’t too expensive either.

little red riding hood cape

Of course the pattern is the same one that I’ve raved about before from Linda Permann’s Little Crochet book or available for download on Ravelry here.

clover pom pom maker

There is an option for a button closure for the front but I can’t go past a cute set of pom poms. Using my trusty Clover pom pom maker it makes it so easy and fast.

red riding hood cape

We had a fun photo shoot and managed to get the perfect photo of our little red to use for the invitation. I’ve been trying to keep the cape in perfect blocked condition for the party so in a way she’ll be glad when her party is over and she can wear her cape whenever she wants. I love how my girls still love to play dress ups although with Miss 7 it’s mainly just ninjas and spies these days!

Our Gigi girl makes a cute blonde red riding hood don’t you think?

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