Red Riding Hood Iced Cookies

Little Red Riding Hood Iced Cookies

Like my little red riding hood iced cookies? I knew that I’d be pushed for time to make 30 odd red riding hood cookies for our red riding hood party but I do think they made the dessert table look extra special.

teardrop cookie cutters

I’ve seen an few cute kawaii style red riding hoods around and knew that if I could find some teardrop shaped cookie cutters I’d be able to make my own little red cookies.

little red riding hood cookie design

After I picked a medium size teardrop cookie cutter I traced around it on a piece of paper and then found a good size round cookie cutter for the face, after that the design was a simple side part hairstyle, two eyes and a mouth.

sugar cookies

After baking some teardrop shaped sugar cookies using Sweet Sugarbelle’s recipe I used edible pens to draw on the top of the cookies to get the design right and give me a nice clear line to pipe my royal icing with.

royal icing decorated cookies

I added a bit of ivory colouring to some white royal icing and piped the faces first.

decorating red riding hood cookies

Next was the golden hair like my daughter has and then the pointy red hoods to make them little red riding hoods.

little red cookies

I did miss out on a bit of sleep last week making these cookies and the red riding hood birthday cake but it was well worth it. I love baking and decorating!

Little Red Riding Hood decorated cookies

Everyone said the little red riding hood iced cookies tasted great (both kids and some adults ate them).

Little Red Riding Hood party cookies

Here they are on the dessert table. I put 16 of them out on a plate and then kept topping them up so the plate was full and looked really pretty.

Do you have a dessert table at your parties? I love the new trend of decorating a table up in the theme of the party. Of course there was other food at the party like sandwiches and hot dogs but they do not go on the dessert table and clutter/mess it up.

I can’t wait to do the next one which is only a week and a half away so I better get to it. That’s the problem when your have daughters with birthdays only three days apart!

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