Red Riding Hood Lolly Baskets

little red riding hood lolly baskets

I love having a special lolly bag for the kids to give out at the end of their parties and this year when Giselle decided on a red riding hood party I remembered the mini picnic baskets I’d seen on the net and managed to track some down for the party.

mini picnic baskets

I purchased them from Pink Frosting along with a few decorations.

gingham basket liners

I made little gingham rectangles with some gingham I purchased from Spotlight to put in the little picnic baskets to line them. Plus it added some nice red and white colour to them. Being the perfectionist that I am I couldn’t just leave a cut edge, I had to have a nice overlocked rolled hem on the edges of them.

party lolly bags

I used some Fray Stoppa on the thread in the corners before I trimmed them off.

gingham basket liners

They make cute little dolly picnic blankets!

little red riding hood lolly bags

Of course for the kids the favourite part of party preparation is rationing out the lollies into the lolly bags or in this case baskets.

red riding hood lolly bag ideas

Red heart chocolates and minties were inside the red riding hood lolly baskets. I did find my youngest daughter hiding under the table eating the heart chocolates she had stolen out of some of the lolly baskets! There were also a few wrappers hiding in her room when I tidied it. Hmmm, they did taste good but I hope too many were not missing from the baskets.

red riding hood party baskets as lolly bags

We made little labels with the kids names on them and tied them to the basket handle with some thin red satin ribbon. I find this always helps to have their names on the lolly baskets so you know who has got one and who hasn’t yet.

If you haven’t seen some of my previous lolly bags ideas you can see the ladybeetle lolly boxes here, very hungry caterpillar tins here, mini gumball machines here and screen printed handbags here. I’m still busy making the lolly bags for Miss 4’s party and will share those with you soon.

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