Wolf Mask

wolf mask

I found this cute wolf mask pattern from Oxeyedaisey’s Etsy shop and knew that I just had to make one for someone to wear for our little red riding hood party.

wolf mask pdf pattern

With simple and clear instructions it just takes a bit of time to sit and handsew all the pieces together. You don’t need to use very stiff felt, just the normal craft felt from Spotlight works a treat as with all the hand stitching it ads strength to the masks and helps the ears stand up straight etc.

oxeyedaisey wolf mask

My little Miss loved the mask and when she saw me making it she decided that she would be the wolf for our red riding hood party. As you can see from the pictures she loved getting into character and scaring everyone.

wolf costume for little red riding hood party

She still wanted to be pretty so she wore a black dress with a grey cardigan to keep in the tones of the wolf mask.

wolf mask on etsy

She had a ball scaring everyone. Especially her baby brother who thought it was hilarious.

red riding hood wolf mask

Now that the party is over it’s a cute addition to the dress up box.

This week I will be posting all about our little red riding hood party so keep an eye out for some sweet details for another successful party completed. The next party I’m planning is for little miss wolf who actually turned 4 yesterday! Yes two of my daughter’s birthdays are three days apart. It’s a busy time of year for us here.

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