2012 Christmas Cards

apple christmas card

This is the photo we took for our 2012 Christmas cards. How cute is it? Our little boy is truly a gift, of course all our children are but I do love having a baby in the house as much work as it can be some times.

We had a fun photo shoot like last year but instead just with baby Zenon. The girls agreed that it would make a cute card when I explained the idea of using their baby brother in a present box in front of our Christmas tree. They adore their brother and were more than happy to “help” out for the shoot. It also seemed like a good idea to use baby Z for a cute Christmas picture while our last baby is still little. We used pictures of the girls inside the card along the left and right edge so they still had pictures included on the card.

Christmas Card ideas

It’s become a bit of a tradition now to have a special photo shoot and make a personalised card. I do notice as the years go by less and less people are sending cards but I’m a bit old fashioned that way and like to make an effort every year.

The shoot ran over two days as baby Zenon didn’t want to wear the Santa hat for very long and was a bit too tired by the time we had set up the shot. It all worked out in the end, it always does. The real problem came with Australia Post taking so long getting our cards to us. Better late than never I say.

Did you send Christmas cards this year?

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