Christmas Book Advent Calendar

christmas book advent calendar

Instead of having a chocolate or lolly advent where the kids get a sweet treat every day and end up hounding me to eat it before breakfast we decided to do a Christmas book advent calendar this year.

easy advent calendars

I originally saw this idea on this blog here through Pinterest. I knew we had quite a few Christmas books already but we collected a few extras at some book sales recently.

Advent numbers

We printed off some numbers and got the girls to sit and colour them in and then cut them out.

advent numbers colouring in

You can find some Christmas book advents wrapped in beautiful paper and decorated but I just wanted to keep it simple with brown craft paper wrapping and then the adorably imperfect colouring in and cutting up of the numbers to glue on the front of the advent “presents”.

christmas colouring in

I had hoped to show you this blog post a bit earlier but my youngest daughter fell down and split her chin open so a trip to the hospital to get it “glued” back together has thrown this week into a spin. Needles to say Santa photos will now have to wait until the big white bandage on her chin comes off. Hence no book list of our included advent christmas books either (I might have to add this later!).

christmas craft ideas

Not only is the Christmas book advent calendar idea a great one as it avoids the sugary treats but the kids love opening the presents every day and then the special time cuddling together on the sofa or bed to read the stories last a lot longer than a lolly.

Do you do advent calendars in your house? Do you have one for each of your children or do they take turns?

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