Hello Kitty Themed Party

Hello Kitty Themed Party

Our youngest daughter turned 4 (three days after our middle daughter turned 6!) so we held a Hello Kitty themed party for her. You’ve probably already seen the Hello Kitty cake and felted lolly bags I bogged about last week but here is a wrap up of the whole party.

lolly shop party

This time I set up the dessert table like a lolly shop and filled the table with sweet treats and Hello Kitty decorations.

hello kitty lolly shopkeepers

My older daughters and some of the older girls at the party loved being the shopkeepers. There is a lot of playing shops going on at our house lately so they jumped at the chance to have “real” customers. All the kids working as shopkeepers were given a cute pair of Hello Kitty glasses to wear.

paper punched pretend money

Everyone was given pretend money which was cardboard punched with a paper punch and decorated the amount of the currency.

lolly shop paper money

Carrera’s head was on the other side of the coins instead of the Queen.

hello kitty dessert party table

I used the white tablecloth that I made a for our son’s very hungry caterpillar party and then used a beautiful piece of black and white spotted taffeta draped over the top of it. I made Hello Kitty style bows out of felt and sewed them onto some bulldog clips so that I could gather the fabric up at the sides to create a bit of a drape.

stick the bow on hello kitty

With less kids at the party this time (compared to our Red Riding Hood party) it was easier to actually play some party games. I found this cute pin the bow on the Hello Kitty poster and the kids had fun playing it.

pass the parcel

We also played pass the parcel which was a first for me. My daughter actually calls it parcel parcel. Cute! We also had a game of guess the number of gumballs in the lolly jar and I had Hello Kitty themed prizes for all the winners.

pizza party

With two parties so close together we decided to keep the food simple and order in pizzas. It worked out really well and everyone sat down and ate together at the Hello Kitty dining table while they were still hot. Something that is hard to do when you’re cooking all the party food yourself.

hello kitty disco decorations

After the lolly shop and then some pizza we turned on some tunes and had a disco in our garage. I decorated the room with our pink bunting I made a few years ago now and found a cute big fleece Hello Kitty blanket which I hung up on the wall. But the best find was this giant airwalker Hello Kitty Balloon. How cute is she? The kids loved dancing with her and they had so much fun dancing under the disco laser lights and smoke machine.

hello kitty party people

Here is our best family shot from the day just before we sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake. I didn’t get a photo with my husband as well unfortunately and don’t you just love it when the kids pull silly faces!

hello kitty birthday girl

Our gorgeous little Miss 4 had a ball at her party. She had her special friends there and of course the boys. She loves the older boys (one in particular) and wanted them to be included. She’s such a little cutie pie and I’m glad she had a lovely party where she felt very loved and special.

Here is a list of some of the places I found the party supplies at.

Fabric and felt – Spotlight
Lollies  – The Professors Tasty Technology
Hello Kitty glasses and decorations – eBay
Hello Kitty party dress and tops – eBay and Target

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