Scallop Bunting Christmas Decorations

Scallop Bunting Christmas Decoration

Our Christmas decorations are up for this year and every year I try and add a little something extra homemade to the collection. In previous years I’ve made a sweet Christmas candy felt garland, ribbon wreathChristmas tree skirt. This year I made a red and white scallop bunting Christmas decoration to hang up.

Scallop bunting

Having made triangle buntings before in several different colours (I keep these for party decorations) I was yet to make a scallop or curved bunting. They are actually a lot quicker to make as you don’t have to worry about using a fabric pointer to get a nice neat point like you do with triangles.

birthday party bunting

When my daughter had her red riding party we used a red and white colour theme so I made this bunting in red and white fabric knowing that I could also use it as a Christmas decoration later on.

red and white bunting

I’ve tied it to our balcony stairs and I must say I do like it much more than tinsel which can make such a mess when little people start to play with it!

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