Thermomix machine

I haven’t told many of you but I am a Thermomix convert. Reading some of my favourite blogs and hearing all about it from some friends I had to book a demo at my place (almost 6 months ago now!) and once I saw one in action I was sold and save up my pennies for one as quick as I could.

As their website says – The Thermomix can – chop, beat, mix, emulsify, mill, knead, blend, cook, stir, steam, weigh and melt. It does it all! They do cost a bit but I have to say it’s totally worth it.

Homemadein my Thermomix dips

I have been experimenting with recipes of all types. Quick and easy hummus and my favourite capsicum and cashew dip which I made for Zenon 1st birthday party back in June. I’ve made this dip a lot for visitors as it is so yum.

thermomix lemon meringue pie

My first attempt at a lemon meringue pie in the Thermomix TM31. I need the right dish for this as it was hard to remove but again tasted fantastic.

Thermomix fresh spagetti

Fresh pasta. I will say it is still good to have my Kitchen Aid for making big cakes etc and using my spaghetti attachment for my fresh pasta.

Dinner in the Thermomix

Whole dinners for the family in the one bowl. This was a creamy tomato and salami pasta. Most of the recipes I’ve tried are from the book that comes with the Thermo. I do usually like a cookbook with pictures for every recipe but if you can look past that there are some really fantastic recipes in there.

thermomix anzac cookies

Easy and quick Anzac cookies in the Thermomix. One of my daughter’s favourites.

Thermomix butter

One day I ran out of butter for a recipe so instead of drag 4 kids to the supermarket I just made my own in the Thermo.

Thermomix fresh juice

Fresh juices are full of the fibre when made in a Thermomix.

Thermomix recipes

It’s so easy to use, even my kids help with pressing the buttons. One of my favourite features is the built in scales. Such a big timesaver.

Some of the other things I’ve made so far off the top of my head: –

Risotto, coleslaw, pesto, pizza bases, pancakes, banana bread, pumpkin soup, I always grate fresh parmesan cheese and one of the yummiest things we’ve made in it is the mashed potato. My husband reckons that it’s worth getting a Thermomix just for the smooth texture of the mash made in it. Everyone who’s tasted our mash has also agreed!

I’m getting a new Thermomix cookbook for Christmas so look forward to experimenting a lot more with it next year.

I’m not paid by Thermomix to sing their praises I just generally love it and want to spread the word as to how great they are. If you want to book a Thermomix demonstration here is the link.

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