Birthday Pool Party

Birthday pool party

Sitting inside in the air conditioning today on this boiling hot day I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you all the 8th birthday pool party we had for our daughter before Christmas.

8th birthday party

Here she is our beautiful 8 year old. After being very undecided  about what kind of party she wanted this year (her sister’s had a Red Riding Hood party and Hello Kitty party). With such a lovely pool at our new house it really was screaming to be used for a pool party and at least with 8 year olds most of them know how to swim fairly well (we didn’t invite any siblings this time for that reason). 18 kids in the pool were enough to look after.

8 year old girls birthday themes

A lovely new friend of mine is a hairdresser and she very kindly popped over and did this stunning hairdo for Trinity. She has such lovely long and thick hair that makes her a perfect customer for some great hairstyles. I just loved this one on her and it was great to keep her hair up so that it didn’t get too knotty from all the swimming.

Pool party sign

My husband made a big splash poster to hang up with fishing wire so it looked just like a big splash. This was the same design as the email invitation we sent out for the party which I’ll share with you on another post.

pool party pool attendant

With all those kids to look after you have to be safety conscious so we employed a pool attendant and sweet little life guard (just kidding this is my hubby and son). Big thank you has to also go to my fabulous neighbour who helped us keep watch over all the kids.

pool party noodle race

Noodle races were a big hit but the kids mostly just had fun swimming like kids always do. There were a whole lot of beach balls for the pool for everyone to play with and they tied in nicely with the dessert table pool party decorations that I’ll show you below.

pool party swimming

Even more so than the red riding hood party we needed a nice hot day and the weather gave us that. It was overcast but still quite humid. Only later on did it start to drizzle, drizzle and drizzle with rain.

DJ daddy pool party sessions

After the pool attendant was “accidentally” pushed in the water (missed getting a photo of this) he changed outfits and went up to the decks to become DJ Daddy and play some music for everyone to swim to.

birthday pool party table

The pool party dessert table had all of the birthday girl’s favourites. Using my trusty white trestle tablecloth that I use at most of my parties I then draped some blue striped fabric over the top that I found at Lindcraft. Then on top of that I put some white netting that I was from Seaweed and Sand. The japanese paper balloons which are hanging up and look like beach balls were from My Poppet.

sandcastle cake

I made a sandcastle cake using a Nordic Wear cake pan and then used fine raw sugar over the top to make it look like sand. A simple but effective cake to make when you are time poor (it was only 2 weeks before Christmas so really didn’t have time for anything fancier). The great part was the kids loved the cake (was a buttercake inside) and they practically ate all of it which is a big compliment.

blue layered jelly

Three layer blue jelly was a big hit and was one of the first things everyone grabbed to eat.

pool party ideas

Using the same recipe and method as these red riding hood cookies I made some round sugar cookies and iced them like beach balls but in the party colours of blue and purple. A couple of cheap new bluesandcastle buckets provided the perfect container for her favourite chips – Cheezels and Smiths Chicken chips. We also had some lamington bites and Anzac slice which are also favourites.

seashell cupcakes

Some seashell cupcakes added some height to the table. The cupcakes were vanilla with cream cheese frosting and then they had Guylian chocolate seashells on top.

pool party craft idea

For those that needed a break from the pool there were some pool / water themed sand arts as a craft for the kids to do. Quite a few of them actually took part in this.

pool party lolly bags

For the lolly bags I found these great beach ball bags and goodies online from Ezy Kids Parties. Having had 2 parties already in the space of a month I did have to make it easier on myself and these did the trick.

lolly bag contents

Inside were lots of pool themed lollies and treats. Lifesavers of course, sea critters, gummy thongs, a water pistol, a mini beach ball and a thong notepad.

kids party ideas

Trinity was exhausted by the end of the party as she had her dancing concert rehearsals all morning (and then the concert the next day) but I’m so glad we managed to fit her party in before Christmas. Being a Boxing Day baby we always try and make an effort to make her feel special so that she doesn’t get sucked into the vortex that is Christmas. She’s our little social butterfly and it was lovely to have all of her new school friends over to help her celebrate her birthday with a big splash!

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