Homemade Marshmallows

homemade marshmallows

The last time I made homemade marshmallows was with my Grandmother and it was about 30 years ago! Quite a few members of my family absolutely love marshmallows so it has been on my list of things to make for quite a while now.

Marshmallow Madness book by Shauna Sever

When I saw this book “Marshmallow Madness” by Shauna Sever last year I put it on my Christmas list. Isn’t the cover amazing? Such  a big mountain of colourful, spongey marshmallow goodness!

homemade mini marshmallows

After reading Shauna’s very detailed instructions and testing the calibration of my candy thermometer I set to work with the plain white mini marshmallow recipe to try first.

I piped long strips of marshmallow along my baking paper and let them set. Doing longs strips instead of a big slab of marshmallow actually gave me more options for shapes. The ones above I just cut with scissors and the marshmallows at the very top I just twisted two strips together.

marshmallow flowers

These were lots of fun to make. The best part is watching them fluff up in my KitchenAid. Some of my strips were wide enough to cut out little flower shapes using cookie cutters. The fresh cut edge is nice and sticky so you can roll them in some sanding sugar in a colour of your choice to create a fun and colourful look.

homemade heart marshmallows

I piped a few heart shaped marshmallows as well and these turned out well. Just a simple full “V” to make a nice heart shape.

This is a great book with some amazing marshmallow recipes inside. The instructions are so detailed that for a moment it seemed complicated but after making my first batch I have more confidence with the whole process of making them. I can’t wait to try some more with a bit of colour next time.

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