Buttercream Rose Swirl Birthday Cake

buttercream swirl birthday cake

Today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me. Everyone needs some cake on their birthday so I made something fairly quick and easy – this buttercream rose swirl birthday cake. Do you like it? It’s kind of a bit shabby chic.

italian buttercream rose swirls

I tested out a new recipe for the actual cake and it was yummy. It’s a banana cake as I had 6 ripe bananas which I didn’t want to waste. Earlier in the week I made a chocolate mud cake but I decided to freeze that and save it for another day. Always good to have a cake in the freezer for last minute cakes. The recipe made three 7 inch round cakes which was great so I could have some real height to the finished cake.

teal swirl birthday cake

I tried a different decoration on top this time. Usually I do a rolled fondant cake but seeing it was just my little family I didn’t want to make anything too massive (although this is already big enough). Using two pretty teal striped paper straws as poles I then cut out 5 diamonds from some pretty scrapbooking paper and folded them in half over a piece of white ribbon. To keep them in place I sewed them down to the ribbon with a straight stitch on my sewing machine. The ribbon was attached to the straws with a tiny pin and then I put the end of the ribbon down inside the straw to hide it.

birthday cake paper bunting

The buttercream I made was an italian buttercream for something different. It has a lovely fluffy texture to it and worth the extra time to make it. Lucky we have chooks as you need a fair few egg whites to make this recipe. Using a star tip I filled up my pastry bag with the italian buttercream and piped swirls to look like roses.

If you don’t have much time this design is great and this year with Easter being the day after my birthday I didn’t have much time to make my normal fondant and ganache cakes. I have plans for the chocolate mud cake I made earlier this week and will set to work on it when things are a bit quieter and Easter is over.

This buttercream rose swirl cake is a very easy and pretty cake to make for birthdays or celebrations and I’m sure you could all make one if you tried. I’d love you to comment below and let me know if you do.

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