Happy Easter 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Well we’ve just had our second Easter egg hunt at our new house. It’s so much fun watching the kids search the acreage for some chocolate Easter eggs.

little easter bunny costume

The personalised Easter baskets worked a treat again this year and it was so cute to see a little blue basket one amongst all the pink.

personalised easter basket

Crazy face Gigi and this is before she even had any chocolate!

counting easter eggs

Counting all the Easter eggs and trying to make sure that the dog doesn’t have any chocolate left around by the kids. That would not be a good easter present.

Easter egg stash

I found this picture of my brother and I as kids with our easter stash. I would always make my easter egg collection last longer than his and then tease him that he had none left!

easter kids 2013

Wishing you all a happy Easter and special time over the weekend for creating memories and taking time to remember Easters that have been.


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