Mina Crochet Dress

Mina crochet dress pattern

I just finished this dress called the Mina Crochet Dress by Alicia Paulson (Ravelry link here). This little cutie is getting spoilt with homemade clothes at the moment. You see I realised that she is the last of my little girls and she is not that little anymore. Those quick knitting and crochet projects for her will soon be week long tasks to make it in her size. Time does go by so fast and my little water baby has started pre-school this year and will be at Kindy next year. She is struggling with pre-school but I can happily say that for the first time this morning she didn’t cry or pretend she was sick to get out of going. What a relief. It is so stressful when they are crying their eyes out about school, I am glad she has finally turned a corner and is enjoying it.

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

I’m using up my yarn stash. You know in the hope to make more room for new yarns! This dress used four balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in purple (shade 340043) and then some green, pink and orange for the top yolk stripes.

Crochet dress by Alicia Paulson

She loves the dress and told me she wants to wear it “for all the days”. It looks so sweet on. I haven’t seen one in bright colours before and I really like it. She is quite tall and skinny for a 4 year old so after trying the dress on whilst making it I decided to make the bodice a little longer than suggested in the pattern.

4 year old crochet dress

The colourful striped yolk really highlights her pretty face. It was hard to decide what colours to put here but I’m glad I used purple in the mix so that it ended up having a matching purple border all around.

a line crochet skirt

The little a-line skirt on the dress is sweet too and makes it easier for her to play compared to a straight skirt. It is a seamless dress which is so fantastic and made from the top down.

Easy and quick crochet dress

I did take a little break from the crochet blanket ripple-along to do this dress but I’m back on to my blanket now and I’m over half way which is great. I posted a picture of this dress in instagram and got lots of comments so I knew I had to finish it quickly once I had started.

In case you want to make one for a special little girl you can find more details on my Mina dress under my my Ravelry profile.

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