Ripple-along Crochet Blanket Complete

crochet ripple blanket

I’ve finished my ripple-along crochet blanket. Yippeee. Always such a sense of pride when you finish a big project. After my last ripple post on the blog I must admit I was getting a bit bored when I hit half way and gave it a break to finished a knitted cardigan and a crochet dress. The fantastic part of making something with a group of people doing the same thing is that it spurs you on to keep going and finish.

pink and purple ripple blanket

The blanket was getting a bit big to be a portable project so most of it was done late at night whilst watching TV. Hubby has been working late and on weekends a lot lately so it has given me something to keep busy.

ripple-along blanket

Rippling is so much fun and I’m glad to have used up some of my yarn stash (means I can buy more now yes??). Moda Vera Pure Wool from Spotlight was the yarn I used but I do find it a bit prickly. I couldn’t wrap the yarn around my pinky whilst crocheting like I usually do with my yarn so this took a bit of getting used to. I love Attic 24’s free pattern and found it very easy with a lovely wavey ripply outcome. My last ripple blanket was more of a deeper chevron pattern and if you saw my original post for my rainbow blanket you’d know I own a whole book devoted to ripple patterns so this is by no means my last blanket!

easy ripple blanket pattern

So here it is, all 94 rows of ripple goodness ready to keep someone or a couple of little someones nice and warm in winter. It’s a good size for a couple of kids or an adult as a lap blanket for movie viewing. Oh and my dog loves it too. Every time I left it on the sofa I’d come back to find her snuggled up on it. We don’t mind sharing though.

chevron blanket

Thanks so much to Mel of One Crafty Mumma for running this group. It must take quite a bit of work and time to organise it but I’m so glad you did. The best part was following everyone on Instagram and searching #ripplealong to find some new people and see their blankets. It has been my first online “group” craft and I hope to do many more as it really was lots of fun.

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