Felt Flower Sachet – Homemade Gifts

linen closet scented pillows

Our school is having a big fete later in the year and I put my hand up to run the craft stall. Although I have quite a bit of time I’m getting started on making crafty items for the fete already as I know time will fly by. These little felt flower sachets from Purl Bee are so sweet and would also make great homemade gifts for Mother’s Day. You can expect to see more ideas for quick homemade gifts over the coming months while I build up items to sell at the school fete.

sewing handmade gifts

When I saw them I knew I just had to make some using their free pattern online here. The trick is to glue the felt petals onto the fabric with some basting spray or the like so that the petals don’t move out of line when you sew them. Use some tailors chalk or erasable fabric pen to mark out diagonal lines to help guide your flower placement.


I used batik fabric for the squares and felted wool fabric for the flower petals. Inside I filled the pillows with this rose and lavender scented potpourri. When I make some more I’ll might use some lavender when I can find some cheap enough.

handmade mothers day gifts

As I mentioned on my Instagram earlier this week I’m finding it hard to sit at my sewing machine with the ages my kids are now (21 months, 4, 6 and 8). It’s mostly the little ones that don’t want to stay in one place so I can’t get much sewing done. There was limited time for hand sewing the opening up so I just did a neat straight stitch close to the edge which means it is stronger and less likely to come apart.

easy and quick gifts

It’s funny, I put a notice in the school newsletter for crafty mums to meet up and talk about ideas and what they could help with for the fete. I sat there by myself. No-one turned up! I have since had a couple of people offer to help but there are just a handful of us so obviously not too many crafty mums at our school.

Purl bee felt flower sachets

When I met with the art teacher and asked if there were any year 6 or older girls that knitted or did crochet she seemed to think it was a dying art. Ahh hem I don’t think so. It’s actually making a resurgence and it is quite hip to crochet and knit as far as I can see. Do you agree?

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