Noro Knitted Big Blanket


Noro Furisode Blanket

I do love Noro yarn, back in July last year I made a Noro knitted big blanket from Jane Ellison’s Noro #9 (Noro for Kids) pattern book.

Big Blankie

It was used so much that I decided to make another one. The second blanket got put on hold for my ripple crochet blanket but I’m so glad that I persisted (yes I did get a bit distracted).

Noro big blankie

When I saw the colours in this Furisode Noro yarn I knew I just had to have some as the colours go perfectly with our sofa.

knitted blanket with Noro

When I knitted my first big blankie I didn’t have a ball winder and got myself in a right royal knotted mess. Plenty of time was wasted untangling big tangles so when I saw this ball winder on sale at Spotlight I snapped it up and have used it a lot since then.

Noro for kids pattern book

I do find a few knots in this yarn so that makes it hard to match up the coloured stripes but I love it all the same.

Noro Furisode

This is like the mini version of my husband and I on a cold night cuddled under a blanket each on the sofa watching Game of Thrones. Love that show. Love, love, love it. Except that we’d probably be sneaking some Ben and Jerry’s not an apple! Ha.

Jan Ellison's Noro #9 pattern book

It’s a simple checker-plate pattern, the nice changes in colour and the chunky yarn with the slippery silk content make it enjoyable to knit, otherwise I probably would not have made two!

noro knitted blanket

I wasn’t going to include this crazy photo but it’s just so funny and is a little window into their world. These two are really becoming such good friends lately. I think Carrera has finally realised that Zenon is a fun friend to have and not an annoying baby who takes lots of her mum’s attention. He just adores her now too and calls her name all day “Raa Raa, Raa Raa”. Such cuties I just love them.

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