In Threes Cardigan

in threes knitted cardigan

Good things do come in threes. This beautiful cardigan called “In Threes” was designed by Kelly Herdrich – Kelly without a Net. She created it while she was awaiting her third daughter and having three daughters myself when I read that I just had to make it.

Louisa Harding Grace Hand-dyed 2

Knitted with the beautiful Louisa Harding Grace hand-dyed. This yarn is 50% merino wool and 50% silk which is made in Italy and then each hank is individually hand dyed in Chile. It has a beautiful silkiness to it but also has the warmth of the wool content.

in threes knitting pattern

I love the fluffyness of the yarn in this light, it matches her fluffy blonde hair. I’ll be interested to see how this yarn wears in time though. I just loved the colour and am a bit partial to silk and it’s been hiding in my stash a few years now so I’m happy to have used it up.

kelly herdrich knitting pattern

I love the no seams construction as it is knitted from the top down on circular needles. After looking at some of the other cardigans on Ravelry that people had made using this pattern I knew I didn’t want to do the underarm garter stitch and making the largest size which was a 6 I knew I wanted to continue the pattern of the three rows at the  top with three matching rows at the bottom of the cardigan instead of two.

kelly without a net

These pictures were taken on our track down the back of the acreage. It’s a bit muddy down there at the moment. Hubby took the kids for a “tractor” ride around the track on the weekend and got well and truly bogged. I think he enjoys getting himself out of sticky (or should I say muddy) situations. So many lovely places for pictures down there.

Is anyone else knitting something for their kids? I still have one daughter who hasn’t had a cardigan knitted for her this year so I’m looking for pattern inspiration if you would like to share. Otherwise I might just have to make another In Threes!

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