Little Kitty

Little kitty dolls

Some more toys for the school craft fair. These are so simple and cute with their little spotty dresses on I’m sure they’ll do well.

melly & me patterns

The pattern is by Melly & Me and is called “Little Kitty”. I’m sure it would be fairly easy to turn the dress into a singlet and make some shorts to turn him into a boy kitty cat too. I have found that making girls toys, clothes etc is so easy where as boy stuff doesn’t come as easily. Maybe it is because of my boy to girl ratio of children, with 3 girls and only 1 boy! I have to keep reminding myself to make boys things too.

little kitty sewing pattern

Just three simple pieces – a back, front and a different coloured face piece.

homemade toys for kids

They don’t take much fabric either as they are only around 26cms tall and different colours other than white work well too.

toy cat dolls

The longest part is doing the embroidery on their faces. I did one as an example and then another mum helped me finish them off so they don’t sit in the UFO (unfinished objects) pile too long.

I am going to make some more and use school uniform fabric for their little dresses which would make a cute gift for a new Kindy kid. I’ll have one of those next year with Carrera starting school so might have to make her one.


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