Riverbed Rib Hat

Riverbed rib hat

Something for me! I just finished this riverbed rib hat designed by Katherine Vaughan. It is from my beautiful hardcover book Knit Noro Accessories.

Noro Iro yarn

I’ve said it before (herehere and here) that I love Noro. It has that beautiful homespun look and feel to it. I loved the colourway they used for this hat in the book and it took me a while to track down my own hank for my stash. It uses just one hank of Noro Iro in colour #106 with beautiful vibrant green, teal and purple.

Knit Noro accessories

I started this late one night which was not a good idea. Mistakenly my eyes jumped to the wrong lines and I kept knitting away for quite a few rows till I realised I had gone to the pattern repeat instructions instead of the actual hat instructions. Lesson learnt and a bit of frogging later I started again. Once I got going it became a bit of an obesssion as I really wanted to see if I was doing it right. Happy to say that I learnt two new stitches making this beanie.

riverbed rib

I love the “riverbeds” which are made with drop stitches, it’s a really pretty effect.

Noro knitted beanie

It was hard to start the hat on the circular needles as the cord was too long so was a bit tight even though I had the right size the pattern suggested.  So when I started the second time I started with double pointed needles to make it easier until I had enough length that it stretched around the circular needles a bit better. The pattern on the top of the hat  / beanie is gorgeous too when its all joined together.

I’d love to make another one of these hats as I really enjoyed the knitting pattern and hats are such nice quick projects to make after all my cardigans and blankets lately.

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