Shabby Chic Quilt

easy shabby chic quilt

This quilt top was made quite a while ago now, I’m not exactly sure when but I do know it was before we moved house so well over a year and a half ago. Whilst gathering fabric and items to make for the school craft fair later in the year I found this quilt top made from a charm pack of squares.

shabby chic quilt

An easy quilt to make by just sewing the squares together in lines and then sewing the lines of squares together.

ruffle edge quilt

Then I added this cute ruffle fabric as a border to this shabby chic looking quilt and that is the way it stayed in my cupboard for quite a while.

quilt backing ideas

To finally finish it off I used some lavender pansie fabric I had for the backing and I sewed it all together around the edge pocket style. Then turned it right side out again and sewed up the opening. Some simple stitch in the ditch quilting to bind the layers together and voila – a finished quilt.

charm square quilt

Why did it take me so long to finish it? Anyway it’s done now and added to the pile for the school fete craft stall which is getting nice and big now.

How many quilt tops do you have waiting to be made into quilts? I can think of two more that I have!

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