Club House Blackboard Wall

Club House Blackboard Wall

We didn’t really have anywhere for the kids to draw (probably why our 2 year old took to my sewing room wall with a big fat black texta!) but now we do with our club house blackboard wall.

outdoor kids chalkboard

At our old house we used to have a big wall in the kitchen that was a blackboard. It was so much fun and we played games on it, wrote messages, decorated it in theme for parties and wrote shopping lists or forget me not notes on there. It was a bit messy after a while (it slowly tinted my white skirting boards a rainbow of colours) but we loved it.

I’d been suggesting to hubby for a while that we make the plain side wall of the “club house” a chalkboard wall and last weekend he said ok let’s do it! A few hours later it was done and the paint was dry enough for the kids to start to draw on with their chalk.

making a chalkboard

Just a simple piece of plywood cut to size and then nailed up on the wall. We already had some leftover blackboard paint purchased from Bunnings and two coats on a sunny day and it was dry in no time.

chalk storage

He even made a little tray at the top to hold the chalk in. I just have to find our old duster or get a new one.

chalk board fun for kids

The fun messages have started already.

Our kids love playing schools and can’t wait to have some friends over to play with the club house blackboard wall. Do you have a big blackboard for the kids at your place?


P.S. Speaking of blackboards we did make this blackboard sign a while ago (you can see it here) which is mostly used for parties to welcome people in the front yard.

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