Dolly Nappies

baby doll clothes

Another one of my kids favourite games to play is babies.  I made some baby doll accessories for them to play with and the cloth nappies were such a hit that I decided to make some more dolly nappies to sell at the school craft stall.

dolls nappies

When some flannel fabric was donated I decided to make double sided dolls cloth nappies with the fabric on one side and then towelling on the other. The benefit of doing it this way is with all the snapping on and off of the nappies they won’t tear over time. It gives them some extra stability.

homemade baby doll nappies

Simple to make with just a small piece of towelling and a small piece of flannel fabric. Cut out your shape (the doll probably even came with a nappy you could always copy that shape) and then with right sides together sew around the edge leaving an opening at the top of the back to turn it back, right sides out. Sew up the opening you used to turn them, add the snaps and you’re done!

I have a snap machine (which I love) back from my bib making days and I still have a pile of different coloured snaps so thought this was the perfect opportunity to use some. Of course if you don’t want to do snaps you can use velcro instead.

dolly nappies

The blue ones are my favourite as the flannel fabric is a bolder pattern than the pink flowers but I was just trying to work with some of the donated fabric.

baby doll nappies

I have made them to fit Little Mommy dolls but you can easily make them a bit bigger or smaller to fit the size doll you need.

Do your kids still play babies? If not what age did they stop?

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