My 4 Secrets to Successful Breastfeeding

My 4 Secrets to Successful Breastfeeding

I’m passionate about breastfeeding. I love it. I love taking the time out to hold my child, stroke their hair and gaze lovingly into their eyes. I will miss it when their time for feeding is over. Of course I can still stroke their hair and gaze lovingly into their eyes but the time we have together with my body feeding theirs has been so special.

It wasn’t always easy of course as it is a learned skill. I attribute these 4 secrets to successful breastfeeding to my own success.

breastfeeding first child


Really wanting to do it. I enrolled myself in a breastfeeding class at the hospital before I even had my first child. Yes it did seem a little funny holding a dolly up to my breast but I’m sure it was part of my success for when I actually had my hungry, crying baby in front of me.

breastfeeding a toddler


I joined the ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association). Besides meeting some lovely new mums there was nothing like learning from other mums in person. I used to attend group meetings with my babies in tow and could ask those silly or personal questions without judgement. Those meetings really helped me to feel comfortable feeding in public as every other mum there was feeding too.

tandem breastfeeding


Being supported. My husband was behind me 150% and this is especially important when with your newborns. They want to feed all the time, this is normal. Yes you heard me right, totally normal. As they try and increase and maintain your milk supply it was often very hard to do things like cook dinner. Don’t get me wrong I used slings a lot and fed them whilst moving around but near a hot stove is not the place for a baby and bending down to unpack the dishwasher whilst holding them will just end up making your back really ache. Let people help you and ask for help during this demanding but special time, you have a very important job to do in feeding your baby and it does take up a lot of your time. My husband also helped me get into position to tandem feed my kids which was such a lovely experience whilst they got to know their new baby sister or brother.

breastfeeding in public


Not dieting. As much as we all want to loose our extra baby weight it’s important to nourish and look after yourself. Going on a crash diet will effect your milk supply and you won’t be able to feed your baby properly. The right time will come for you to shed the weight but whilst your baby is still a newborn please don’t stress too much about it.

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