Party Dessert Table Ideas

Party Dessert Table Ideas

You don’t have to pick an actual theme for a party (like red riding hood, very hungry caterpillar or even a pool party) it can just be a colour. This is an easier and cheaper option for parties as you can often use a lot of what you have on hand at home already. I thought I’d give you some party dessert table ideas by showing you what I did for our last party.

teal party balloons

The good thing about only inviting a few people and keeping the numbers down is that you can feed everyone more and spend the extra on a some helium balloons. Balloons just say party time and without them it just wouldn’t be the same.

candy buffet for party

For this dessert table I made and sourced teal coloured treats. I made some homemade star marshmallows and on the day fresh buttermilk cupcakes with teal icing and sprinkles. Using my white tablecloth and then some lovely teal fabric over the middle to add some colour to the trestle table. Great investment a trestle table. I purchased two from Bunnings and have lost count of the amount of times I’ve used them.

teal jellybeans

I purchased a couple of apothecary jars a couple of years ago now and they have served me well.  I pull them out at every party and fill them with coloured jellybeans or other treats. They make the table look really fancy and were another great investment for parties and worth every cent.

star iced cookies

Some star sugar cookies (link to recipe here) with teal royal icing also decorated the dessert table. I used some coloured wrapping paper underneath them to liven up a plain white plate.

teal party table ideas

As well as star biscuits I made a few squares with “Z” on them too.

teal chocolate hearts

I didn’t make these chocolate hearts but found them on the net and they really brought some lovely shiny colour to the table.

iced sugar cookies

Some of the leftover sprinkles from the cupcakes were used to decorate the bottom of another plain white dish.

dessert table decoration

I covered a box in some striped fabric and placed Zenon’s “Z” on top to add both some colour and height to the table.

boys 2nd birthday party

My lamp also matched the theme so it was used next to the table as well. The girls wore teal coloured tops and Zenon wore a new teal puffy vest.

Poor poppet doesn’t look very happy here. The truth is he had a raging temperature and I put him to bed straight after the cake was cut. All the best preparations in the world couldn’t help me here. It was too late to cancel his party because he was sick but he knew it was for him and it was a great excuse to have some lovely friends over for a fun afternoon. Even though he wasn’t at his best I’m glad we did something for his birthday as there are no more birthdays until November in our family now.

teal chevron lolly bags

I already had these cute chevron lolly boxes so filled them with a few lollies, touchable bubbles and a spinning top.

chevron birthday cake

You can find more details on the cake I made here. I hope this gives you some ideas to decorate your next party / dessert table and make it wow worthy.


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