Crochet Hibiscus Flower

Crochet hibiscus flower

The night before I left Sydney for the Gold Coast to attend the Pro-Blogger Training Event I was packing my bags and realised I had nothing special to wear to the Tropicana themed function they were holding on the Friday night. It was 10pm at night but I decided that if I was really a crafty blogger I should make something to wear.

At first I was thinking a felt flower but with a quick google search I found this free pattern and tutorial online for a crochet hibiscus flower and set to work.

crafting at ProBlogger Event

I managed to finish my one that night and attached it to a hair elastic but I packed the wool in my baggage in case I had time to make any more. It would have been nice to make a few for all my crafty blogging friends but alas with such a busy schedule of learning I only managed to make one more. I really admire Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes and I knew that if I could make one more I wanted to give it to her. She is such a lovely lady and I love how upbeat and happy she always is. She lifts me up when I read her blog and that’s the way I want my readers to feel. Of course we all have bad days and tough times but I try not to dwell on it and focus on the positive. So I sat listening to her session on Creativity being creative and sewing in the ends and creating a gift for her to wear to the function.

Hilton Gold Coast Rooftop party

She loved it but actually I don’t think Pip ended up going to the tropicana event but the thought was there. I however did wear mine and got a lot of comments about it. It was a good ice breaker when talking to people I’d never met before and they asked me what my blog was about.

tropicana party outfit

I think it’s kinda cute and would look good not just for a tropicana party but a Hawaiian party or even poolside (which our party was as well).

Very glad I got out of my comfort zone and introduced myself to lots of people during the conference and so glad I got to meet Pip especially. Have you ever gifted something to someone you admire?

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