God’s Eye Yarn Weaving

God's Eye Yarn Weaving

It’s school holidays here in Sydney, Australia and I’m afraid I am a bit under the weather after a small operation last week so I have to rest for a couple of weeks. The kids and I were getting some fresh air outside and I set up the picnic blanket (which was one of my first project here on the blog) for us to cuddle on. Giselle was collecting sticks as my little nature lover likes to do and then it hit me that I had never made God’s Eyes with them. I knew that the big bag of wool I had in my sewing room would be perfect for this craft so sent one of them off to get it.

collecting sticks

I remember making these as a child myself and they are so easy and fun to do with the kids. All you need are some straight sticks about the same length and some yarn.

making a gods eye

Grab two similar sticks and hold them together in a cross.

starting a gods eye

With the yarn you want to use join the two sticks together with a knot one way and then the other so that the sticks are secured together firmly.

easy kids crafts

Then start wrapping the yarn over the top of one stick then around and across to the next stick in line. Make sure to wrap the yarn neatly next to (not on top of) the previous round so that the sticks eventually end up being covered in yarn and you get a pretty diamond pattern forming.

making god's eyes

We had the most success using variegated yarn as this meant that the girls didn’t have to tie off the yarn to start a new colour (to change colour you knot on a new colour and then cover the threads with the next row).

school holiday crafts - god's eye

They really enjoyed this craft and I was seriously scratching my head as to why I’d never done it with them before. If you’d like to read more about the history of God’s eye yarn weaving check out good old Wikipedia here.

I’m planning a few more kids crafts this week while I recover so keep an eye out for more ideas to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays. Maybe you’d like to try making God’s Eyes with your kids. I’d love to hear from you if you do.

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