Granny’s Favourite Cardigan

granny's favourite cardigan

This is called Granny’s Favourite Cardigan and the pattern is by the talented Georgie Hallam of Tikki Knits (Ravelry pattern details here). The moment I saw this pattern I loved it, mostly for the beautiful zig zag lace pattern around the shoulders and the fact that it’s a seamless knit worked in the round, top down.

Morris & Sons Empire 8ply

For this knitted cardigan I used Morris & Sons Empire 8ply yarn which is 100% Australian merino wool in a red called ‘high risk red’. I loved the shade of this red but was a little disappointed with the amount of knots / joins I found in the yarn. I don’t know if I was just unlucky as there are only 4 comments on this yarn in Ravelry but one of them is saying the same as me. Anyway it does look stunning and I am pretty happy with the end result but not sure if I’ll be rushing to use this yarn again because of all the joins.

kids knitted lace cardigan

I’ve been wanting to do some photos down at Terrigal Beach on the rocks at the bottom of the skillion for a while now. After finishing Trinity’s cardigan on the Monday and then blocking it I was bursting to get down there to photograph her wearing it. We dashed home from school one afternoon, had a snack and then got everyone ready for a trip in the car. Two out of my four kids fell asleep so I couldn’t venture too far down for some pictures but there are so many beautiful spots to photography there. I love the detail in the neckline of this cardigan and it shows well in this photo of her looking out onto the Pacific Ocean.

zig zag knitted cardigan

I wanted to do the long sleeve version of the cardigan as this version has the same zig zag detail as the neckline. The pattern includes many sleeve versions such as short sleeve and three quarter so it can suit many seasons. I knitted the long sleeves thinking that as she grows over the next year the cardigan will still look great as a three quarter sleeve and then she does have two little sisters who will also fit into it one day.

handknits for kids

That is the thing about knitting for the biggest of my three girls, I know that two more kids will get the use out of the clothes. I haven’t ever knitted a garment this ambitious before and once again I challenged myself to learn a few more techniques like picking up stitches (for under the arms) and a bit more lace work. It took me about 5 weeks all up to make this as I had many other things on the go, mostly for the upcoming school fete.

I totally love this cardigan and would like to make another one in a short sleeved version some day. It looks really cute with jeans too. I love making things for my kids and I was so excited to finish this for her. I managed to knit something for the other three already (in threes cardigan, kina cardigan and the knitted vest) for winter. Just remind me to start a little earlier next year so they have them for the start of winter and not the end! It’s alright really, the days are beautiful at the moment at 23 degrees but the evenings and nights are still cool so I’m sure she’ll still use it a lot.

The best part is she absolutely loves it which makes my heart really smile.

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