Marble Run

school holiday cheap games

Today I’m posting about another fun, cheap and easy way to entertain the kids during the school holidays. Making a marble run.

game with recycled toilet paper rolls

We made ours with some recycled toilet paper rolls, masking tape and blu tak. That’s pretty much all you need besides a spare wall to stick them up on to and your marble collection.

school holiday fun

Half the fun is in setting it up. Working out the angles and size. We found that a little rug was needed at the bottom to soften the blow of the hard marbles on the wooden floor boards when they come flying out the bottom.

cheap and easy marble run

We did end up taping a few together with the masking tape to make longer tubes with a bit more strength to them. The blu tak was used to stick the toilet paper tubes to the wall so that we could move them easily if needed and it wasn’t going to remove the paint off the walls.

marble run fun

Even an older boy really enjoyed creating the marble run with our girls.

marble run

Zenon wanted to copy him and have a go as well. Such a simple and fun activity for the school holidays or anytime really.

Hope you’re having a good time this school holidays. I’m loving having the kids around without all the rushing around and they are enjoying some fun activities at home.


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