Baby Chicks

mother hen with newborn chicks

I’m a grandma! Well sort of. After having chickens for 3 years for the first time we have a broody hen. We found her down in the alpaca shed with a big pile of eggs and then with the heat they hatched overnight.

baby chicks

They are a mixture of colours and sooooo cute! We took 4 yellow and 4 black ones and put them in our incubator so that it was a bit easier for the kids to watch and play with them. Mumma hen still has 8 of them with her.

kids with pets

This week has been busy with trips to school and preschool so that my three girls could do their “news” about them. It was so cute to hear each of them do a talk about the chicks and share them around with their friends.

chickens as pets

Even my 2 year old is so sweet and gentle with them. He was looking into their eyes and telling me what he was seeing, “little eyes”.  Just magic.

baby chickens

Just before I left for my craft weekend we discovered that another one of our chooks that had been missing had some babies also. She wandered up from the back paddock last night with 14 little chicks behind her. She is a bit more protective and won’t let us catch any of her chicks so I think we’ll just have to let her be and hope the chicks stay safe from foxes and the like.

day old chicks

They grow up so quick, a lot like kids I suppose, some of them already have feathers developing. I dare say we won’t be keeping all 30 odd chicks so hopefully I can talk a couple of our friends into keeping some. They really make great pets and we always have an endless supply of eggs for baking. I had so many eggs recently that I gave my friend 2 dozen so she could use them for her school cake stall baking.

Anyone want a baby chick or two?

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