Bunny From a Knitted Square

bunny from square

When we had the school craft donation day someone dropped in these three pretty pink knitted squares. They were most probably going to be turned into a blanket one day but never got finished. I took them home with me to ponder what I could make with them as I couldn’t let good knitting go to waste!

pom pom bunny tail

I remembered that I had seen this image from Pinterest and knew that the 3 knitted squares would be perfect for these little bunnies. The pin is in Japanese but you can understand from the picture how to make a bunny from a knitted square.

A simple triangle stitched into the top of the square brings the edges in to form a head and ears. Stuff some wadding inside the head and sew it up then sew together the sides of the square to make the body and stuff with some more wadding before gathering up the back and placing a pom pom over the gathered end for the tail.

bunny rabbit

Our bunny Marshmallow met them and seemed to be introducing herself to them all.

knitted bunny toy

Embroider some quick and easy eyes with thick black yarn and your bunny is finished. You could always use button or toy eyes but I decided to keep these very child friendly without any parts to come off.

I wonder if the person who knitted the squares will visit the school craft stall and recognise their knitting! Be funny if they bought them.

The stall is only a few weeks away now so I’ll share some more projects I’ve made for the stall soon and hopefully I can get some good pictures of it all set up on the day too.

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