Jelly Oranges

jelly oranges

The girls wanted to bake something but because I am still unable to carry groceries after my op we had to resort to ingredients in the house already. Now I know jelly oranges are not an original idea but I thought you may just be like me and looking for some fun and simple food to make with your kids using items from your pantry.

So here it is.

how to make jelly oranges

After you’ve cut the oranges in half I found the best way to scoop out the orange was to use a sharp knife and go around the edge to make a little cut. Best for an adult to do this part.

scoop out the orange with a spoon

Then you can then use that cut to put a spoon in and actually scoop out all of the orange to leave them completely empty.

empty oranges

Place the empty oranges on a plate so that the tops are all level. Resting them up against each other helps them to not roll over when you go to put them in the fridge to set the jelly.

Aeroplane Jelly

Make up some jelly with the kids using the instructions on the box into a separate bowl. Making jelly reminds me of being a kid myself, this was always my favourite flavour (and no I don’t really drink wine or port!).

making jelly oranges

Fill the oranges with some nice bright coloured jelly and then put them in the fridge to set. Make sure you fill them right to the top (but without spilling over) as the liquid does shrink slightly when it sets to jelly. My kids asked me about every half hour if they jelly was ready and then proceeded to go and open the fridge and stick their fingers in them to make sure.

coloured jelly oranges

Use a really sharp knife and cut the oranges up with a smooth straight cut so that you don’t get knife marks through the jelly and the sides look nice and smooth.

kids making jelly oranges

After that all that is left to do is watch your kids enjoy them!

kids eating jelly oranges

Even our 2 year old stopped riding his bike around the loungeroom for a moment to enjoy a jelly orange or two.

Jelly oranges are great for parties too as you can match the colours to your party theme (like these blue layered jelly cups). What is your favourite flavour jelly?

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